Eli sings like a canary!

*One-hour episode*

Eli is grilled by coppers Henshall and Williams, who tell him that they’re pushing for a life sentence and they’ve recovered bits of Shane’s mobile and the chair leg used to murder Shane from a bonfire at the Dingles. Eli cracks under the pressure and confesses the truth.

Jasmine visits Laurel to stall for time while Debbie makes their escape plans and lies that she’s going to the police. Laurel is suspicious and Jasmine knocks Laurel to the floor in her haste to escape. The police turn up to arrest Debbie, who makes a break for it by smashing through the garage doors in a taxi. Meanwhile, Jasmine is on a bus to meet Debbie when she sees a police roadblock and Debbie being led away and she realises that she’ll have to go on the run alone…

Paul learns that Jonny is flying back to Australia and he’s sad that he can’t join him. Later, Rodney meets with Pam for another afternoon of fun, and Paul and Diane worry that his heart may pack up. Paul confronts Rodney and realises that Val has been lying about Rodney’s health, while lying to Rodney that Pollard is ill. Paul forgives his mother but he leaves the village to start a new life with Jonny.

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