Elijah and Grace pray for Thabo

Thabo goes into surgery and Sid says the next 24 hours will be critical. Elijah begins to have a crisis of faith. He confides this to Miles, who tells him that whatever happens, he needs to be there for his wife. Elijah tries to talk to God but struggles, so Grace takes over and the couple pray for her son.

Marilyn isn’t happy about Nicole going on her date – why is a 20-year-old bloke asking a pregnant girl out? Nicole is having second thoughts herself, but decides to go ahead with it and the pair heads to Angelo’s. Marilyn’s there too, keeping an eye on them. Nicole can’t relax and asks Angus for his reasons for inviting her out. She’s pleased by what she hears.

Charlie is still determined to find some dirt on the Braxtons, and turns to Angelo for help. When Brax sees Angelo and Charlie whispering together, he asks Angelo what the story is between him and Charlie. Angelo says it’s all water under the bridge, and if Brax is interested in Charlie, he doesn’t stand a chance. Suspicious of what Angelo and Charlie are up to, Brax decides to put Angelo to the test. Will Angelo and Charlie fall into his trap?

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