Elijah and Leah are still at loggerheads about the future and can’t seem to reach a conclusion. Elijah decides to move back to the rectory for a few days to give Leah some space and think about what he really wants. Elijah admits to Miles that while he does want to spend the rest of his life with Leah, he also wants to spend the rest of his life doing relief work.

After a while, he reaches a decision. He’ll go and help out with the earthquake in West Danmar, but he reassures Leah that he will be back soon and he still wants to get married. But Leah doesn’t think that’s a solution. She envisages her life ahead, always waiting for Elijah to come home. It’s time for a big decision. She ends the relationship then and there.

Marilyn is preparing a surprise picnic for Sid and while she’s at The Diner picking up ingredients, she runs into Dex and introduces herself. It’s then that Dex realises not only is Marilyn his father’s new girlfriend, but he is completely smitten with her! And when Marilyn receives flowers that aren’t from Sid, the big question is… who’s her other admirer?

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