Miles tells Rabbit that Elijah and Leah still think he’s a nutcase. Leah thinks Miles will only accept help from Elijah, who asks Rabbit what kind of spirit she is. Rabbit asks why she should appear just because Elijah wants her to – God doesn’t work like that. Elijah believes that Miles’s faith in Rabbit is real – but has Miles put his faith in the right entity? Is Rabbit worth the trouble?

Tony is being hassled by John Palmer. He tells Rachel if John gets wind of his kids’ boxing project, John will sabotage it. Rachel tells Leah that she and Gina are sick of being caught in the middle of Tony and John. Leah thinks Rachel should join forces with Gina. Gina asks John to be nicer to Tony… but the men decide to sort their problems out in a boxing ring.

John tells Gina that he often sees Tony training but Xavier isn’t with him. John then reveals that Xavier hired a locker for his boxing gear. Gina wonders what Xavier would have to store in a locker if he hasn’t been training. Gina and John open the locker and find all Xavier’s money – almost 100,000 bucks.

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