Elijah frets about his proposal

Leah tells Irene that Elijah has proposed. But Elijah’s worried that he didn’t have a ring. Now he’s got one, should he propose again? Leah needs time to think about it. But perhaps she’ll take him seriously now that he has a ring? With her ‘live for the moment’ attitude, Marilyn tells Elijah to go for it.

Charlie and Angelo break apart after their passionate kiss, awkward and confused. Charlie tells Leah about the kiss, while Angelo opens up to Alf. It’s clear from both conversations that Angelo and Charlie think the kiss was meaningful.

Nicole advises Angelo to act casual around Charlie. She thinks playing harder to get will make Charlie see how much Angelo is worth to her. Angelo takes Nicole’s advice and is aloof around Charlie. Soon enough, Charlie and Angelo decide to just jump in and ask each other out on a date.

Colleen has got it into her head that Marilyn is flirting with Alf and her fury is palpable. When Colleen overhears Leah talk about an engagement, she gets her wires crossed and jumps to the conclusion that it’s Marilyn who is engaged to Alf. Colleen approaches Marilyn about it, but of course Marilyn has no idea what Colleen is talking about.

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