Elijah is torn

Leah and Miles make the painful decision to split up. They both struggle with the separation and turn to Elijah for comfort. Meanwhile, Marilyn picks up on Elijah’s growing feelings for Leah and urges him to stay away from her. That would make things far too complicated.

Bianca is being pretty hostile towards Charlie. She feels guilty about lying to Liam, to protect Charlie and Brax. She also demands that Brax fire Liam, so that they can both be completely distanced from the River Boys. Brax has been doing some thinking and finally decides to do what Charlie wants – break his ties with the River Boys. He tells her that he wants to join her and Ruby in their move to the city.

Dex is desperate to patch things up with April. He takes Marilyn’s advice and asks April to be his date to the ‘Formal’. Despite Dex’s best reconciliation efforts, though, April turns him down. She can’t forgive and forget. Later, Ruby is very surprised to hear that April intends to lose her virginity on the night of the Formal.