Leah is still reeling from the fact that Elijah is planning on doing relief work overseas for a few months. Irene reckons Elijah may be feeling like he’s letting go of his old life to make way for the new and there are parts he may not want to give up. But for Elijah it’s simply that he’s always done relief work – it’s part of who he is.

Leah tells Elijah that it’s OK if he needs to ‘prove’ himself overseas. Elijah soon realises that maybe he and Leah are rushing into things, especially if Elijah still wants to do a job that involves travelling. Elijah abruptly postpones the wedding.

Tony is thrilled the female boxing lessons are going so well. But Rachel isn’t feeling so great about her own job, telling Tony she thinks she might be bored. The excitement and passion Tony has for his job is making Rachel want more out of her own career.

Tony assures her something is sure to come along to reignite her enthusiasm. Sure enough, Rachel’s old friend from Uni, Daniel, arrives with an important proposal. He’s opening up a new medical centre in Boston and he wants Rachel to run the emergency unit.

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