Elijah’s getting grief at home

Elijah and his new wife Grace start building their new life together in Summer Bay. But it’s not long before they come face to face with Leah and VJ. Things are clearly tense between Leah and Elijah, but despite the awkwardness, Elijah attempts to rebuild his friendship with VJ.

Grace then meets Colleen, who isn’t shy about telling her about some of the history between Elijah and Leah. Grace decides she needs to speak to Leah. They have a talk and upon hearing what Leah has to say, Grace begins to feel unsure about where she stands. So she tries to remedy this by making Elijah an offer.

Brax is also getting used to life in Summer Bay and is gradually getting to know Leah a little more. When VJ asks Brax to talk to Leah about his surfing, Brax sides with Leah, much to her surprise. Although VJ is upset by what he sees as Brax’s betrayal, Brax soon talks him around. Later on, Brax stuns both Leah and Charlie when he asks Leah out for lunch.

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