Colleen feels guilty about Elijah’s exit from the Church and resolves to save the Shelter, if it means he will reconsider his place at the Church. Elijah confides in Laura that he’s actually not sure of his faith any more and the Church doesn’t agree with his views. Elijah begs the Bishop for another chance to prove himself. The Bishop finally agrees Elijah can stay with the Church.

Ruby is horrified at Casey dropping out of school and working at the fish place with his mum. Ruby asks Gina to talk him round to re-joining school again. Brax and Ruby try to change Casey’s mind but to no avail. Ruby then tells Gina that it’s no wonder he’s given up on himself, seeing as everyone else has given up on him too.

Gina finally gives Casey the encouragement he needs and he decides to enroll at school again. But, when he arrives home to announce his big news, he walks in on a feud between Brax and Cheryl over her bad mothering skills. Cheryl then declares if Casey wants to go back to school he can find a new place to live, because she no longer wants him there!

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