Elijah’s torn

Leah is concerned about Elijah. She can see how grief-stricken and messed-up he is. She tries to comfort him but he pushes her away. Was it really only a few days ago he wanted to get back together with her? When a message from the Church comes, telling him that he can resume his duties as a Minister, Elijah has to make a very tough choice.

Ruby is very conflicted after her fleeting romance with Romeo and the subsequent rebound fling with Casey. She decides to bunk off school and is caught out by Charlie. When Charlie wants to talk about it, Ruby is defensive. Indi visits her to get some clarity on what went on with her and Romeo and Ruby takes it out on her. As she gets through the day, things take a turn for the worse…

Romeo is also dealing with the fallout of sleeping with Ruby. He originally tried to make out it was all Ruby’s fault, but is now beginning to see that he wasn’t entirely blameless. When Romeo finally comes to see Indi, he takes responsibility for his actions. But can she forgive him?

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