Eli and Debbie head off for a night at the casino. Debbie is an old hand at the tables and she soon sets about flirting with a rich businessman. Debbie is invited up to his hotel room, but she’s horrified when she realises he thinks she’s a prostitute. Eli is worried about Debbie and bursts into the room to find the businessman pawing at Debbie. The man quickly backs off when Eli says that Debbie is 15, and hands them a wad of cash to keep them quiet!

Jamie spots a mystery car parked outside the B&B and he is concerned that he and Terry may be under police surveillance. Jamie confronts the mystery observer but his suspicions are wide of the mark. Wracked by paranoia, Jamie seeks solace with Jasmine, who is more interested in trying out her latest theory about who committed Tom’s murder and she reveals that she now suspects Len.

Paul advises Rodney to get his money back from Georgina as he’s completely skint. Rodney tries to sweet-talk Georgina into returning the stock that he bought from her but their cosy chat is interrupted by Georgina’s irate husband, Roy! Rodney attempts to defuse the situation but he later uses it to his advantage and tells Georgina that he won’t tell Roy about their interrupted romp as long as Georgina gives him back his cash.