Chantelle is so excited about Elizabeth’s upcoming trip to New York that she crashes into Ric’s car, putting him in a foul mood all day. Unsure of how she’ll afford to pay for the damage, Chantelle tries to make it up to Ric. But when he misplaces his car keys, he immediately blames Chantelle when it’s Elizabeth who’s taken them. But why does she want them?

Meanwhile, Chantelle and Malick give Elizabeth food for thought when they suggest that, with the £50,000 left to her by her grandmother, she could see the world. But when Elizabeth tells Ric she plans to stay in New York, Ric accuses Chantelle of encouraging Elizabeth to quit – she’s his best nurse!

However, Ric’s mood softens when Elizabeth presents him with the keys to his car, which she’s had repaired and they share a hug. Ric tells Elizabeth she can return to Holby whenever she wants.

Meanwhile, Sahira is tired of Hanssen’s new micro-management regime. She vows to treat her patients in the best way she knows how until she realises just how much pressure Hanssen is under.

Sacha is secretive about a patient’s scan results to protect the interests of his team. When Chrissie suspects Sacha knows more than he’s letting on, she goes behind his back to prove the patient’s diagnosis is wrong.