Ella batted her eyes at Adam and before he could say ‘your place or my haystack’ she had him – and he had her – rolling around under the covers of a hotel bed. Neither of them knows that Declan’s planned a surprise party and that everyone’s surprised when Ella’s nowhere to be seen. Adam starts to think something might be up, though, when he sees there are a few missed calls from Mia on his phone. Meanwhile, Mia is convinced something’s up when she can’t track down her mum.

Paddy’s performed a few disappearing acts since Leo’s birth and Rhona’s not happy. She thinks he’s not interested in the baby and wants him around more. But when Paddy does get home he finds Marlon there, with Rhona and Leo. He feels like an intruder but makes an effort, asking Marlon to look after Leo so he can take Rhona out.

Nikhil’s made a lot of effort to get on with Charity, despite his concerns about her history with Cain and her lack of respect for the law. Now Jai has to tell his brother that Charity’s been a bad girl – again – and that Cain is involved – again – and so is he.

*Second episode*

When Ella’s a no-show for her surprise party, Declan loses his party spirit and sends everyone home. Then Ella finally makes an appearance and, realising she’s in danger of being caught out, she gets defensive and has a blazing row with Declan. Mia’s seen it all before; these are the signs her mum’s having an affair. She tells Adam about her suspicions and warns Declan to pay Ella more attention or she’ll go looking for it from other men. It can’t be long now before father and daughter discover that Ella’s already playing away – with Adam.

Paddy’s hot date with Rhona is in The Woolpack. So predictable, Paddy. And he’s equally predictable when he gets a call-out and leaves Rhona on her own. That’s strike one for the Padster. Strike two is when he stops to say goodbye to Chas at the bar before he leaves. Rhona does not like that. Three strikes and you’re out, Paddy! So watch your step.

Amy needs to watch her step but doesn’t see it that way. She finally tells Victoria that David never touched her and is upset when Victoria goes ballistic. In fact, Amy would have tears running down her cheeks if they could get through the girl’s make-up.