Ella causes Ash more anguish

Ash is speechless when his daughter Ella turns up in the emergency department again this week. The wayward teen’s latest visit to her dad’s hospital sees her admitted with a gash to her leg following an altercation with shopkeeper Azif, who she attacked in last week’s episode when he caught her shoplifting!

Also admitted this week are Azif’s son Tariq and Ella’s boyfriend Jake, both of whom are injured after a heavy wine shelf collapsed on them during a scuffle. Despite the evidence, Ash is once more quick to accept Ella’s version of events –her new boyfriend Jake got into a fight at the shop and she isn’t to blame in any way!

Believing Ella’s telling the truth Ash apologises to Azif for Ella’s involvement in the dispute, but firmly blames Jake’s influence. The naive dad is forced to face facts, however, when both Azif and Jake paint a very different picture! Then Charlie drops another bombshell – Ella’s done a runner before the police can interview her.

Yet before Ash can talk to Ella about her out-of-control behaviour he gets a panicked call from one of her friends – she has collapsed drunk in the street and is unresponsive.

Ash is forced to bring his daughter back to the hospital. But will he heed Zoe and Charlie’s wise words?

Elsewhere, Sam and Tom clash over a patient, which leads Tom to lash out at Sam physically. Will the out-of-control doctor finally admit he has a problem? And will Sam stand by her increasingly erratic man?