Phew! That was a close call… The day after the night Ella and Adam were nearly caught Declan is still sure that Ella is having an affair and he won’t let the matter drop. Adam’s been scared into thinking with his brain and tells Ella he doesn’t want to see her again. The Cougar doesn’t like the sound of that, though and bares her claws. She tells Adam to meet her on a quiet road where he convinces her that they have to end their affair. Then Ella tells him he has to finish with Mia. Well, she can’t have her daughter dating a cheat, can she?

There might not be much more steam in Rhona and Paddy’s relationship, either. Rhona wants to see more of Paddy, but he’s using work to keep his distance from Leo; the baby he feels nothing for. And if it’s not work, it’s Aaron. As Leo wakes, Paddy says he was just off to see Aaron and Rhona angrily tells him to spend the night with Aaron and Chas as he clearly prefers their company.

Truth is, Aaron does need Paddy to lean on. Jackson’s body is being released for burial and he has to help Hazel arrange the funeral for Friday.