Elle and Lucas continue to hunt for Zeke

Elle and Lucas are drawn back together when Lucas shows her a photo containing a mysterious Zeke lookalike. With Elle convinced Zeke is alive, they resume their search for clues. They break into the house of the elusive stranger who Elle believes is the key to solving the mystery.

There they find a shirt that looks just like Zeke’s but Lucas is far from convinced. Determined to set her straight once and for all, Lucas agrees to return to the country house. But what they find there suggests that Elle has been on the right track all along.

Miranda’s shocking revelation angers Steve and drives him from the house. Neither can hide the tension in their relationship from Bridget, who feels responsible. Meanwhile, the private eye has provided the name of Bridget’s birth mother but a phone number will cost more money. It’s money Bridget doesn’t have and the guilt over her parent’s rift makes her abandon the search.

Declan takes out a loan against the value of his car and convinces Bridget to change her mind. Steve vows that they will take Miranda’s dirty secret to their grave, unaware that Bridget has finally obtained the phone number that threatens to reveal the devastating truth.

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