Elle and Lucas make another discovery

Elle and Lucas’s search under Number 24 leads to the safety deposit box that contains the lost will of her great grandmother, Helen Daniels. What Robinson family skeletons will she uncover in that little grey box?

Donna tells Bridget she doesn’t understand what her problem is. Declan loves her, she’s having his baby so why won’t she marry him? When she realises that Bridget fears she’ll lose her own identity if she gets married, Donna and Sunny-Lee take her to a bridal shop to show her she can have the marriage that’s right for her.

But even when Bridget finds the perfect dress, she is still unsure marriage is the right thing for her. Bridget tells Declan that being married doesn’t always guarantee happiness, and Declan shows his willingness to compromise. What will the future hold for the troubled soon-to-be parents?

Paul wants Rebecca to see how much he loves her, and to prove how serious he is, he increases his offer. Rebecca will now receive one million dollars if he is ever unfaithful to her. However, it’s not the money, but what Paul does to help Declan that convinces her that she can count on him.

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