Elle and Lucas reignite their passion

Elle decides she needs to get close to Lucas to talk to him in the hope they can work things out. In a desperate attempt, and to Steph and Lucas’ surprise, she employs herself as the much-needed apprentice at the garage. Worried her employment is yet another of her cruel stunts, Lucas demands to know what she wants and a heated argument ensues which pushes Elle to admit she wants him and doesn’t want to go to New York. Sparks fly as Elle and Lucas revisit their passion for each other.

Donna remains determined to return to the fashion show and confront Saffron for stealing her idea. When Elle accuses her of lying, Donna’s hurt by her lack of support. But when the Erinsborough News prints a photo of the ‘scelt’, Elle realises Donna wasn’t lying and gives her permission to return to the venue. Donna’s audacity impresses the designer and she offers her a week’s trial.

Harry’s overcome by Robin’s constant attention until he realises he can take advantage of him. When he convinces Robin to take over some work for him, Harry’s ploy is blown. Understanding what he did wasn’t nice but unable to see another way to cope with clingy Robin, Harry asks Susan to talk to him. But what will Robin do once he finds out Harry no longer wants to be his friend?

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