Elle and Oliver close the deal

While a confused Oliver tries to suppress his feelings for Elle, their big business deal with Erinsborough Hospital falls through – thanks to timely intervention by scheming Paul. Subconsciously trying to end his failing relationship, Oliver latches onto Carmella’s admission that she told someone at the hospital about their plans and he accuses her of sabotaging the deal.

In a desperate bid for success, Elle and Oliver spend the night brainstorming, and find themselves drawing closer to each other. They are thrilled when they end up winning the hospital contract and end up sharing an impromptu kiss.

Following a visit to Sky in jail. Lou admits to Susan that he’s finding it difficult to sympathise with Sky when he knows she’s a murderer. However, suspicious Susan is convinced that something about the case doesn’t quite add up – she can’t believe Sky could have killed Terrence.

Swayed by Susan’s impassioned defence, Lou has a change of heart and asks Sky to reconsider her guilty plea. Sky is shell-shocked by the force of Lou’s conviction and begins to consider the theory that she could be innocent.

Also, desperate to land a high-powered job, Karl lies about his age, family and marital status.