Elle and Oliver consider Rebecca’s claim

Rebecca is labelled a con woman and her claim that Paul is Oliver’s biological father is immediately dismissed. But when she insists on a DNA test, everyone including Paul and Oliver begin to consider the possibility she’s telling the truth. But Elle is the only one convinced that Rebecca is a trickster…

Ned and his family have no idea what to do next in their search for the missing Mickey. And when they get news of him, they’re dismayed to learn he has been involved in a crime. But they are oblivious to the fact that Mickey is being caught up in the criminal activities of a teenage boy – Rebecca’s son.

Boyd is thrilled to see Sky so happy and motivated when she and Caleb return from a wonderful week away in Sydney and Sky admits she’s never been happier. But when Caleb has a serious attack and is rushed to hospital, he puts Boyd in a difficult position by making him promise not tell Sky what is going on.

Also, after The Kennedys help Tom record some of his life stories on tape, he realises the time has come for him to accept full time care in a nursing home.