Marco is thrown when a determined Lou turns up with a petition with more than 200 signatures against getting a liquor licence for the General Store. Elsewhere, Elle and Oliver’s attraction is reignited when Oliver reveals his doubts about hurting Marco’s new business. Elle decides to help Oliver out by buying Frazer’s share of the General Store. But her attempt to tell Oliver the news is delayed when they both give in to a moment of passion.

Frazer and Rosie are overjoyed to discover that they are in fact expecting a baby and they immediately plan to go on an extended trip to Italy together. But their plans throw Ringo’s future into crisis. He is determined to stay in Ramsay Street, but Prue is reluctant for him to remain in Erinsborough without his family around him. Meanwhile, Rachel is concerned that Ringo’s eating disorder has returned. Bridget is suspicious of their secret discussions and Rachel risks her friendship with Bridget to keep Ringo’s confidence.

Also, with obvious chemistry between them, Libby and Dan continue to find it difficult being just friends.