During a horse ride with Rebecca, Elle spots some neglected horses, leading to a confrontation with a dodgy land owner. Later, the RSPCA investigate but report to Elle that no horses were found at the property. Riley and Elle search the countryside and finally discover the horses locked in a barn. Suspecting the land owner might destroy them or try to move them on again, Riley and Elle decide to watch the animals through the night. As Riley and Elle’s unresolved romantic feelings begin to surface, they’re interrupted by the land owner’s return… Janae becomes increasingly irritated by Kirsten’s closeness with Mickey and the rest of the Parkers, while Kirsten realises she needs to make up with Janae and earn her respect. Miranda tells Janae she thinks Kirsten deserves another chance and Ned is impressed when Janae gets Kirsten a job at Charlie’s. Rachel finally tells Ringo their relationship is over. Ringo wants another chance, but with Susan’s health on her mind, it’s too much for Rachel to deal with. Ringo blames himself, so Prue advises her son to be completely honest with Rachel. But can Ringo bring himself to tell Rachel about his eating disorder? VIDEO: Watch Neighbours highlights here