Elle wants to know where Paul was on the morning of Jill’s hit-and-run accident and so confronts her father. Paul denies being anywhere near Jill at that time and even gives an alibi for his whereabouts. However, Elle discovers that Paul’s alibi does not check out and Paul is then forced to admit he was with Jill, but maintains that he did not run her down with his car. Paul’s inability to explain himself further leads Elle to fear her father is behind the accident.

Lucas urges Elle to go to the police with what she knows but Elle agonises over informing on her own father. But when Jill Ramsay dies leaving three children alone, Elle can no longer deal with her conscience and confronts Paul, telling him that she will tell the police all she knows. Has Elle condemned her own father to a life in jail?

Zeke and Sunny’s blossoming relationship is quickly hindered by Karl’s restrictions. When Sunny indicates to her friends that she fears the spark of romance is fading, Donna puts her own heartache aside and advises Zeke to do something about it. Zeke gets creative with Karl’s ground rules and invites Sunny on a secret date – at home!

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