Elle contacts Oliver for Carmella

Carmella dreams of Oliver, but assuming their chance for love has gone, she tries to bury her feelings. When Harold and Elle give Carmella advice she starts thinking about Oliver and the possibility of being with him again. Elle pushes Carmella into making a move on Oliver, and when she doesn’t, she makes the move herself and rings Oliver in England, telling him they need to talk.

Carmella pushes Elle and Lucas together and they end up having a good time. But when Lucas gives Elle a kiss, she freaks out again. Will she ever open her heart to let Lucas in?

Toadie and Kelly decide to turn a tutoring session into a test to see what’s really going on with Callum’s persistent shirking of homework. Callum tries hard, but leaves clues that Kelly reluctantly suspects points to a source of academic woes. Kelly thinks he may be dyslexic or perhaps in need of an eye test. Will they get to the bottom of Callum’s problems?

The Parkers, Steph, Dan and Libby take dance lessons from Ty in preparation for the wedding. Miranda uses Steve’s good mood to announce that Declan is moving in and Steve’s reaction is anything but positive. Will he come round?

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