Elle decides to punish Lucas

As the new garage owner, Elle sets about making Lucas’s life a misery by demoting him and offering Steph the job as manager. When Steph tries to discuss it with Lucas, he accuses her of taking revenge for him trying to kiss her and their friendship hits breaking point again. Hurt and furious that he won’t take responsibility for the mess he’s made, Steph decides to take the job.

Elle comes up with the perfect punishment for Lucas at Paul’s Buck’s party, but when she sees him at the party, she is struck by her feelings for him and tries to warn him off. But a chance remark from Toadie causes things to flare up again, and Elle is determined to punish Lucas once and for all.

It’s Declan’s birthday but the last thing he feels like doing is celebrating. When he realises his friends and family want to celebrate with him, he decides to put on a brave face for the occasion. However, Declan breaks down when Rebecca and Paul reveal their present was a night away for him and Bridget. Ringo helps him realise he doesn’t have to be brave all the time, and Declan decides to take Ringo on the trip with him.

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