Elle discovers Donna has betrayed her

Elle discovers $4000 is missing from her account and at first blames a bank error. But when she realises the money has been deposited in James’ account, she accuses him of the theft. He assures her that it wasn’t the case, and that Donna told him Elle had given her the money. Elle confronts Donna, who confesses. Devastated by Donna’s lie to her, Elle fears that she’s losing Donna to her ‘real’ family, and begins to look for another job. Is she planning to leave?

Harry’s acting strangely – he’s out all hours, and looks exhausted. Kate demands to know what’s going on but he shuts her out. Sophie’s freaking out that he’s acting so weirdly, which just adds to the pressure on Kate. However, when Dan and Libby discover that Harry is cutting class, they confront Kate, who’s forced to lie to cover for Harry. When he stays out all night, Kate fears she’s losing control of her family.

Lucas and Sonya continue to spend time together. Uncomfortable Toadie makes sure he keeps out of their way, and Dan leans on Lucas to come clean about his relationship with Sonya. Lucas makes an attempt at peace-making to Toadie, but is soundly rejected. The war continues.

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