Elle fears for Paul

Unable to accept that Fox is a figment of his imagination, Paul accuses Elle of employing Fox to get back at him. Fearing her dad is having a serious breakdown, Elle battles for him to be taken to hospital. With his condition deteriorating by the minute, Paul is prepared for serious surgery. But he is chilled by a final visit from Fox, who threatens to take his life.

Janae is thrilled when she’s offered a contract by boxing promoter, Courtney Fenwick. But Ned believes that Fenwick’s interest in Janae has more to do with her looks than her skill and tries to convince her that she’s not ready for the professional circuit. To prove it, he challenges her to an endurance test, which Janae fails. Unwilling to admit Ned was right, Janae tries to get out of the contract but Courtney threatens to sue if she tries to back out.

Carmella is angry when Oliver comes clean about his feelings for Elle, but the pair manage to work out their differences. Things look like they’ve gone backwards when Oliver goes to comfort Elle in her hour of need, but Carmella accepts that Elle needs help.

Also, Ringo lands himself a part time job as a delivery boy.