Elle finds herself in danger

Elle finds out her car was part of a scam and decides to seek her own justice. But when dodgy car dealer Jason threatens her and her family if she goes to the police, she quickly changes her mind. Lucas is furious when he finds out and confronts Jason, making matters worse. Unable to get hold of Donna, Elle and Lucas assume Jason has taken her and search his property, finding themselves in a dangerous position.

Ringo and Zeke’s flash new wheels break down and Jason comes to their rescue. Unaware of the danger they are in, they invite him back to Donna and Elle’s place for a drink to thank him. When Elle finally gets in touch with Donna, she finds out Jason is with them – but she can’t help as her and Lucas are faced with a danger of their own, trapped in Jason’s shed.

Donna still won’t talk to Ringo so he forces the issue, demanding she have the courage to drop him if that’s what she wants. But that’s not what she wants, and when Ringo reveals he thought she was his girlfriend, Donna’s insecurities are swept away: no one ever cared to call her that before.

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