Lucas finally tells Toadie and Steph the truth about the Parker’s car. Although Steph is initially relieved to be cleared, she’s hurt when she realises that Lucas had intended to run and leave them all to clean up his mess. Meanwhile, Elle is furious that Steph knew about Lucas’s gambling problem before she did and throws him out of the house.

Dan begs her to offer his brother love and support rather than judgement and Elle relents but as she goes to make amends, she sees a friendly hug between Steph and Lucas. Her jealousy piqued again, Elle lashes out. Will she ensure Lucas is run out of town for good?

Callum’s increasingly clingy behaviour seems to prove the theory that he has a crush on Kate. The Ramsays call in Toadie to help out but Callum is horrified to discover that’s what they think is going on. In conversation with Toadie he reveals that he thinks of Kate more like a Mum than a girlfriend.

Donna helps collect money for Jeans for Genes day which gets her thinking about her own genetic history. With some gentle prompting from Karl, Donna reveals that since Bridget’s death she’s been thinking about tracking down her biological father.

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