Elle gives Paul the brush-off

Stunned Elle is so heartbroken by Paul’s admission that he doesn’t like her, that she rashly tells her dad she wants nothing more to do with him. With Paul seemingly unmoved, Gail struggles to make him see that he’s pushing their daughter away. Desperate to reunite her ex husband and daughter, Gail reminds him they can never have the future Paul dreams of unless he finds a way to reconnect with Elle.

Ringo is shocked to discover the news of Carmella and Oliver’s split, and is further stunned when Oliver accuses him of meddling and having a dangerous crush on Carmella. Ringo denies it, but Rachel wonders if Ringo’s unnatural interest in Carmella is his way of avoiding the painful issues Frazer is currently dealing with. Carmella agrees to Rachel’s request to cut Ringo out of her life for his own good. However, Ringo reacts badly to Carmella’s rejection, and takes off in her ute, speeding along dangerously.

After Oliver and Carmella finally agree to split up, Elle finds him in one of Lassiter’s rooms. And when emotional Oliver admits he still has feelings for her, Elle finds herself staying with Oliver and baring her soul about Paul’s rejection, despite her resolution to keep her distance.