Elle is caught in the act

Still out for revenge, Elle steals Max’s car, and dumps it where he ran over and fatally wounded Cameron. However, when she realises Max’s private eye is following her, Elle fears that she’s been caught in the act.

Janelle worries that she’s lost her newfound daughter Anne forever and is further concerned when Loris takes a desperate Bree to find the fleeing Baxters at the airport. Feeling rejected and riddled with self-pity, Bree soon realises her quest to find her real family is hopeless. When Bree and Loris return home, a furious Janelle berates Loris for disrespecting her parental authority and informs Loris that she will never move in with them.

Later, Loris announces to Harold that she’s thinking of buying into Lassiter’s, and is confident that she can handle Paul. When she informs Paul of her intentions, he can hardly believe his luck at finding such a gullible investor, but soon suspects Loris’s ‘naivety’ is really fake, and refuses to sell her the controlling part of Lassiter’s she’s after. The pair manage to strike a deal but Loris is determined to get exactly what she wants.

Also, when Ned and Katya confess they both love the Backstreet Boys, their friendship strengthens. But Katya worries that Ned’s only interested in unobtainable women and decides to play hard to get.