Elle is exonerated

Elle’s angry when she discovers that Max has persuaded Paul that he’ll soon have evidence against her.

Max, meanwhile, is relieved to find he’s not going mad, and is pleased at the thought his family will soon be able to find out the truth from the private investigator’s report, along with photographic proof. But when the report exonerates Elle, Max’s world collapses.

Paul is furious, but when Elle sees how much pain she’s caused Max and his family, her feelings of victory don’t last long. Max signs himself into voluntary psychiatric care, and Steph and Boyd wonder when he’ll be out again.

Sky has a dream that she tells Dylan he’s not the real dad of her baby and he accepts the fact, but keeping the secret in the real world is taking its toll. The stress prevents her from being able to eat, and she ends up fainting, passing it off as wedding excitement.