Elle is outraged when an article appears in the Erinsborough News, alleging that an anonymous man has confessed to Gus’s murder, and demands that Brad publishes a retraction. Brad refuses, so Riley helps Elle write a follow up story about the number of unstable people who confess to crimes they haven’t committed. Brad is impressed and suggests Elle consider a career in journalism.

When Adam invites Sophie to stay for dinner, Pepper decides to turn it into a party and invites Riley as well. Unfortunately, Riley brings Elle, which only increases the tension. Pepper hates Sophie, Oliver is suspicious of Elle’s relationship with Riley, and Rosie is still hurt over Frazer’s flippant comment that she is cold and calculating. As the tension escalates, Elle and Riley escape to the newspaper office.

Meanwhile, Frazer apologises to Rosie in the kitchen, as Pepper starts being blatantly rude to Sophie. Eventually Sophie makes her excuses and leaves, but Adam is furious with Pepper for her behaviour.

Also, Harold drops hints about his own dark past to Rebecca, which makes her think again about her relationship with Paul. And Bridget has a girly makeover, but is humiliated when big brother Riley finds the whole thing hilarious.