Elle and Jacob’s son arrested in Casualty!

Has troubled teenager Blake Gardner become violent since discovering Jacob is his dad?

Doctor Elle Gardner’s day gets off to a shocking start when she discovers troubled teenage son Blake hasn’t slept in his bed. At work she’s fraught with worry and repeatedly calls Blake’s phone and school, who also don’t know where he is. So when Blake turns up in the ED with paramedics Iain and Sam wheeling in bloodied and barely conscious school bully Miles, it soon becomes clear something terrible has happened…

Miles’ life is in the hands of paramedic Iain, doctor Elle and nurse Jacob

Elle and senior nurse Jacob Masters battle to save Miles’ life, while a worried Blake (Kai Thorne) looks on and attempts to hide his bruised hand. With Miles’ life hanging in the balance, there’s an emotional showdown between Elle (Jaye Griffiths), Jacob (Charles Venn) and Blake. When Miles regains consciousness and begins making accusations, can Elle, Blake and Jacob pull together as a family, even though Jacob and Blake only recently discovered they’re father and son and tensions are running high?

Will Elle, Blake and Jacob show a united family front as Blake is accused of shocking crimes?

Also this week, Dylan considers his position in the ED when the pressures of being acting clinical lead combined with his secret drinking becomes dangerous for patients… For more, check here. Warning: Spoilers!

Elsewhere, Ethan and Alicia’s friendship blooms as Ethan prepares for his consultancy interview. He’s full of optimism until ill Connie Beauchamp turns up and takes her place on the interview board. It’s the first time Connie and Ethan have met face-to-face since she kissed him in London! Will she sabotage his career or can Ethan rise to the occasion?

Meanwhile the ED staff are delighted by news of Zoe Hanna and Max Walker’s flit. Receptionist Noel Garcia, however, is down in the dumps about Max’s disappearance with Zoe. Can Robyn figure our why Noel is less than overjoyed since Max left?