Elle kisses Andrew

Elle has an argument with Lucas and later enjoys Andrew’s company in an intimate rendezvous. They kiss but Elle finds she can’t bring herself to take things further. Meanwhile, Lucas is convinced their relationship is over.

Declan goes to the Parker house to make a desperate plea to Bridget after she learns of his betrayal, but a fight breaks out between him and Zeke, and Steve busts them up, kicking Declan out in the process. Later, Declan takes his anger out on Zeke again and then tries to talk to Bridget once more, climbing through her bedroom window. But he gets busted by Steve and is shown the front door. The teens try to stop Declan before he does something stupid, but they can’t, his temper is raging as he drives off in a full flight.

Toadie and Kelly consummate their relationship and Callum feels pushed out. Plotting to break them up, he snoops through Kelly’s personal files on her computer. Toadie and Kelly are horrified to learn that Callum has found a raunchy photo of Kelly and emailed it to Paul to be his new page three girl! With Kelly’s career and reputation at stake, will Toadie be able to convince Paul not to go to print?

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