Elle makes a big decision

Left with the dilemma of whether to fire Paul or Oliver, Elle tries to offer Tim Collins an alternative cost-cutting solution but he tells her Sebastian Barnes wants to see heads roll. Talking it over with Rebecca, Elle realises she needs both Paul for his business sense and Oliver’s human touch, and comes up with the perfect solution. At the Lassiter’s board meeting she announces there will only be two managers going forward – she is resigning.

After his game of hide-and-seek goes wrong, Mickey finds himself trapped inside a chest left out on the street for hard rubbish collection. Meanwhile, Lou, Ned and Janae try to find missing Mickey but they are too late to stop the box being taken away by removal men. Councillor Steph contacts the depot and luckily Mickey is found safe and well and asleep at the bottom of the chest.

Rosie tries to help Ringo, but he insists he’s fine, and Rosie can’t prove he’s lying. But when she catches him popping pills at the General Store, she realises that Ringo is taking appetite suppressants. Concerned that his behaviour is spiralling out of control, Rosie finds the proof in his bag, and is left with no choice but to confront Ringo in front of Frazer.

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