Elle publicly humiliates Paul

Taking their next step in their revenge plan, Elle and Oliver persuade Janelle to sell her Lassiter’s shares. They then use their best acting skills to fool unwitting Paul to hand Elle full ownership of Lassiter’s. With their grand plan complete, Elle and Oliver hold a fake engagement party, where proud Paul raises a toast to his daughter and Oliver’s betrothal. However, he’s stunned when Elle turns around and publicly humiliates her dad by revealing it was all a sham to teach him a lesson.

Bree catches Sky about to spread Stingray’s ashes at the skate park and struggles to retrieve his remains. Later, Janelle catches Bree trying to return the ashes to their original place in the house and makes her reveal what Sky’s been up to. Furious, Janelle confronts Sky, but undaunted, she advises Janelle to meet her dodgy psychic Terence and make her own judgements about his authenticity.

With Charlotte’s incorrect prescription taking its toll, Carmella’s behaviour grows increasingly unpredictable, and she almost gives Elle and Oliver’s game away to Paul. However, despite Oliver’s worries, she insists she’s feeling great.

Lolly is envious when Lou praises Janae for her boxing skills and feels insecure when Lou suggests she go home to check up on Harold and Sky.