Declan loses it when he hears Steph’s confession and attacks her car with a baseball bat. But Lucas is even more shocked when Elle announces her plan to name and shame Steph in her story. She justifies her actions by telling him that implicating Steph is the only way to protect his business, but Lucas suggests it’s really down to her jealousy of Steph. After a conversation with Paul she lies to her editor to suppress Steph’s name from publication. Will her journalistic duplicity land her in hot water?

Sunny finds solace through research, but this hits a raw nerve with Zeke, who explodes when he sees what she’s doing. Realising he’s gone too far, Zeke explains to Sunny that it’s a sensitive area for him because it’s exactly what he did after his father’s death and he ended up blaming himself.

Meanwhile, Sunny finds an unexpected ally in Karl. When Zeke comes to apologise, she refuses to hear his explanation and says she doesn’t want to be around him, leaving the future of their relationship up in the air. Donna’s troubled by the fact that she’s the only one who hasn’t cried and starts to fear there’s something seriously wrong with her.

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