Elle storms out of Libby and Dan’s party

Libby tells Dan she thinks Elle is pregnant to Lucas. Dan tries to offer Elle support, but she soon sets him straight. The final straw comes when Libby wears the same dress as Elle to the party. Sick of it all, Elle leaves the party with a handsome new man, and no dress!

After Bridget faints from exhaustion, Declan says it would be best if something happened to the baby so that they could go back to the way things were, and Bridget is furious. Declan is frustrated at himself for messing everything up, until a talk with his mother gets to the root of his problems.

Determined not to turn out like his father, Declan vows to make things right but can’t bring himself to confess about kissing Sharni. The couple attempt to have one more normal day together and enjoy the party but Bridget comes face to face with Declan’s dirty little secret.

Steph realises that she is alone when Toadie moves on with Kelly and she has no date for the party. In a moment of vulnerability she tries on Libby’s ring, but can’t get it off!

Also, Ty hides the pain his injured hand is causing and soldiers on to play at the engagement party with Rachel.

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