Elle tells Oliver about Richard

Elle panics when Oliver’s dad Richard reveals he saw her with Rebecca, and demands to know what’s going on. Elle argues that she knows all about what Richard did to Rebecca, but he’s stunned and appalled by her accusation. Elle is forced to tell Oliver and Rebecca that she’s in contact with Richard, leaving Oliver feeling angry and betrayed. Oliver is all set to end the relationship, but when he finds his mum in the process of framing his dad for a crime he didn’t commit, he begins to wonder if Elle was right.

After Adam tells Pepper he’s still tormented by the death of his police partner back in the UK, she advises him to undergo counselling before applying to join the Australian police. Adam is reluctant, but when he goes to the police station to apply, he ends up saving his interviewer from a nasty criminal. Although he’s privately shaken by the encounter, he agrees to undergo a psych assessment to join up.

Toadie is forced to defend Stonefish when Tim Collins accuses his brother of stealing an expensive pen. But Stonie’s gutted when Toadie later reveals his doubts about his brother’s innocence.

Also, Karl and Susan finally convince Zeke to visit Tom at his new nursing home.