Manipulative Elle puts her revenge plan against Paul into action by telling Oliver the truth about their deception, without implicating herself. Pepper jumps to the conclusion that Paul has been sending her child-related gifts because he wants kids with her.

However, realising he can’t keep up the charade, Paul tells Pepper the truth – he’s not her secret admirer. Later, Pepper’s heart sinks when she realises her admirer is actually Kevin, her ex-boyfriend from high school who she got pregnant by when she was 17. She miscarried the baby, but Kevin thought she’d had a secret abortion. And now it seems he’s out for revenge…

Frazer continues to lie to Ringo about the severity of his condition, but soon realises he’s got to come clean, and Ringo is devastated. Ringo’s further disappointed when Frazer informs him he’s sending him back to live with their parents.

Despite baby Kerry’s positive prognosis, Harold is gripped by the fear that something is going to go wrong with the baby, and is eager to personally ensure Kerry’s safety when she comes home.

Also, Lolly and Ringo try to cheer downcast Rosie up by encouraging her to find her inner teenager.