Elle tries to hide the truth from Paul

Feeling under pressure from Elle’s expectations of him since his operation, Paul struggles to reconnect with her emotionally. In an attempt to help the relationship, Paul suggests a trip back to Ramsay Street. But Elle wants to shield Paul from the nasty truth about his wicked past and is reluctant to take him home. Yet when Paul gives Elle some heartfelt advice concerning Oliver, Elle starts to believe that Paul perhaps can be the dad she’s dreamed of.

Desperate to save face after Janae’s angry reaction to their near-kiss, hapless Ned invents a holiday romance to throw her of the scent. Janae is sceptical at first, but she’s soon forced to change her tune when she spots him getting friendly with a gaggle of girls. And she has to confront her own confusing pangs of jealousy by distracting herself with more boxing training. Meanwhile, Elle gets to the bottom of Ned’s latest ruse by persuading him to reveal that he has got the hots for Janae.

With her relationship with Oliver on the rocks, Carmella is desperate to find a way to save it. But when she finds an old bottle of her dodgy medication, Carmella finds herself sorely tempted to find the answer to her problems in her pills.