Elle tries to silence Kirsten

While Rebecca is eager to catch up with Kirsten on her return from Paris, Elle panics over whether she will confess her affair with Paul. Wanting to preserve her family’s happiness, Elle fires Kirsten from Lassiter’s. Unwilling to give up on her future, Kirsten uses her friendship with Rebecca to be reinstated to the job. In exchange, Kirsten promises Elle she won’t break up Rebecca and Paul, which leads Elle and Kirsten to an uneasy truce.

Banned from seeing each other by Susan and Karl, Taylah and Zeke hatch schemes to be together. But, sick of being treated like a child, and determined not to sneak around, Zeke defies the adults’ orders and demands different treatment.

When Libby and Dan are persuaded into giving Year Eleven dance lessons for the formal, Libby privately tutors Dan in advance. Dan worries about how their enforced closeness could affect his relationship with Samantha, so tries unsuccessfully to get out of it. He tries to come clean with Samantha but ends up trying to protect her feelings.

At dance lessons, Dan and Libby’s feelings override their good intentions and they lose themselves in the romance of the moment, oblivious to devastated Samantha watching from the doorway.

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