Suspicious about the huge bills Laura is running up at Lassiter’s, Elle realises something shady is going on when Paul’s bank card goes missing and it turns up again in the General Store shortly after Laura’s arrival. She lets herself into the room while Laura is out, to covertly search for evidence, but is nearly caught when Laura comes home early.

Hiding in the bathroom, she’s shocked to overhear that Laura’s apparently violent boyfriend Nick is in fact very supportive of her and they are now involved in some kind of scheme together. However, Elle is thrust into panic mode when Laura announces she wants to have a bath. How will she get out of this one?

Bridget sneaks off to do the illegal street race with Declan. They meet up with Justin and agree that the loser has to hand over their car. The pair speed past a waiting police patrol car and Adam and Sophie pursue the joyriders, concentrating on Declan and Bridget’s vehicle.

Thinking they’ve got away, Declan and Bridget vow never to race again and head home. But they’re later ambushed by the police and their parents and Rebecca are left worrying that Declan could be heading for juvenile detention.

Also, Sophie makes a misguided move on partner Adam much to Pepper’s fury.