When Elle forces some last-minute study for the next day’s English exam, Donna finally admits she’s feeling overwhelmed and regrets pushing Ringo away. Taking on-board Elle’s advice, she tries to reconcile their relationship, but Ringo’s need to concentrate on his studies still comes first.

Desperately needing a job, Elle takes on the task of writing a press release for a new housing development. What appears to be a relatively mundane job turns into an exciting piece of investigative journalism when she discovers a new building development isn’t all it seems to be. She’s surprised to see her old boss, Josh Burns, already chasing the story and they find themselves reluctantly thrown together.

But things go horribly wrong when the ladder at the proposed building site collapses and Josh is badly injured. Battling claustrophobia, Elle manages to escape and call Lucas for help. With a distressed Josh begging for her to return, Elle battles her fears to be by his side.

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