Her new relationship with Marty is blooming, and Doctor Elle Gardner has never been happier. So why is she considering splitting up with him this week?

Well, in a word: Blake. Elle’s deeply concerned that her teenage son is feeling left out. To make matters worse, Blake is struggling at his new posh school and gets into all sorts of bother this week when he’s bullied into doing something stupid by his classmates and ends up in the ED!

Will Jacob’s interference deepen the rift between Blake and his mum?

Unhappy Blake confides in family friend, nurse Jacob Masters, instead of his worried mum. However, there’s even more to the story than meets the eye…

Later, in explosive scenes, Elle confesses her deeply buried secret involving Blake to best friend Jacob (Charles Venn). What exactly is Elle hiding?

Elsewhere, new doctor Rash Masum faces his first busy festive season in the ED. Although his mentor Alicia is unable to supervise him, Rash gets a confidence boost from nurse David Hide, who has taken him under his wing. But Rash’s bubble bursts when his ex, Jesse, arrives in the ED needing treatment and she is not happy to see him!

Also this week, Max is coming on too strong for barista Polly’s liking. Is he about to be dumped?