Elle’s fury escalates

Elle’s fury at Paul for meddling in her life and work leads to tension between them. Rebecca intervenes and manages to convince Elle to seek Karl’s help in dealing with the post-traumatic stress she�s been hiding since being trapped in the roof collapse.

As Elle talks to Karl with Rebecca, Paul struggles with being shut out. But Rebecca finds herself caught in the middle when the therapy unearths Elle’s deeper-rooted issues concerning Paul, and Rebecca is unable to tell Paul anything. Meanwhile, Riley is struggling to distance himself from Elle having sworn off any romantic interest in her.

Mia’s concern that Marco is still in love with his ex-wife leads well-meaning Oliver to confront Carmella with his suspicions. Carmella puts the accusations to Marco who denies them. In order to put an end to Mia’s probing, Marco confesses the secret reason he and his wife divorced – he is unable to father children.

Rosie continues to struggle with her pregnancy, and Frazer is increasingly frustrated in his attempts to help Rosie through it.

Also, Lou encourages Harold to sell up and retire.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday May 13*

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