Paul tries to drag Elle away from the bomb scene, insisting they stay calm, but Elle is determined to discover Oliver and Carmella’s fate and is relieved to learn they had a lucky escape. Undaunted, Elle hatches the next stage of her plan and sets about undermining Carmella to an angry Oliver, while at the same time encouraging Carmella to confront Ray.

Elle sticks the knife in by telling Oliver that Carmella has gone to sort Ray out and mentions she had a gun in her purse. Oliver is furious – much to Elle’s delight.

Lou enlists Rachel and Ringo’s help to organise a game of basketball to boost Lolly’s self esteem and Susan steps in as a reluctant referee. But unfortunately Lolly has no co-ordination, and her team loses the game by miles. Lou decides he needs to try a different tack.

Lolly advises Ringo to win Rachel back with an outrageous story. When Ringo spins his tale, Rachel doesn’t believe a word of it, but is placated nonetheless.

Paul is instantly suspicious when he finds Elle’s scarf in Ned’s flat, but Ned manages to lie his way out of it. Later, Ned calls Elle to line up some more ‘no strings’ fun.