Elle’s suspicions grow

With Paul getting closer to Rebecca, and Oliver buying Declan a brand new car for his birthday, Elle is increasingly certain that the Napiers are gold-diggers. Strongly suspicious that Oliver and Declan’s father may not be the bad man that Rebecca claims he is, Elle decides to secretly track him down. But will she be proved right – or will her mission spectacularly backfire?

Steph and Toadie decide to cheer Stonefish up with a big night out when they learn his marriage has failed. But it ends up with Toadie being late for work the next day, leading to a confrontation with boss Tim Collins. Stonefish overhears the altercation and steps in to defend his brother. But when Toadie asks his brother to back off, Stonefish takes offence and Toadie is left wondering if he’s in for a rocky ride.

Aware that time is slipping away from him, Adam makes an effort to get closer to Pepper, and hopes they stay in contact when he leaves Australia. But when Adam learns he can stay with Pepper for good by once again becoming a policeman, he realises he has to overcome his past demons.