Ellie tries to forgive Sami but soon has a change of heart

An upset and betrayed Ellie feels used by Sami. Will she give him a second chance?

Ellie agrees to hear Sami’s side of the story and is prepared to let him explain his vendetta against James, however when she sees her brother locked in conversation with James, she has a change of heart.

Sami later turns up for an arranged date at The Dog but Ellie doesn’t want to know, and with the unwanted help of Buster, she shows him the door.

Elsewhere, Ella is feeling left out now that Luke is spending so much time with his son, Ollie, and she angrily lashes out at her dad. Can Luke make things better?

Plus Sienna tries to convince Joel that there really WAS an intruder in her flat, but he remains cynical. But will he change his mind when Sienna is unexpectedly injured and ends up in hospital?